Unsere Albatrosse haben am Donnerstagabend in der Mercedes-Benz Arena gegen Maccabi Tel Aviv eine starke Leistung abgeliefert, aber das reichte am Ende knapp nicht zum Sieg. Der sechsfache EuroLeague-Champion war schlicht noch einen Tick besser und gewann mit 95:89. Vor allem die bessere Dreierquote (14/27 vs 7/28 bei ALBA) machte den Unterschied in einem hochklassigen und attraktiven EuroLeague-Spiel.

Nach den Comebacks von Tyler Cavanaugh und Johannes Thiemann in der vergangenen Woche kehrte in diesem Spiel auch Peyton Siva auf das Parkett zurück (13 Minuten, 6 Assists, 4 Punkte). Einzig Stefan Peno fehlte weiterhin.


Viertelergebnisse (ALBA immer erstgenannt)
28:31 | 17:19 | 19:22 | 25:23 | Endergebnis 89:95 | komplette Statistik

Game Facts (ALBA immer erstgenannt)
• Fehlende Spieler: Peno (ALBA) | Black, Casspi, DiBartolomeo (Maccabi)
• Reboundverhältnis  38 | 35 - Assists 22 | 22 - Ballverluste 10 | 11
• Zuschauer: 8.616

Top-Performer ALBA: Sikma 10pt 12rb 5as | Hermannsson 16pt 4as 2rb | Giffey 10pt 5rb 3as 3st | Eriksson 12pt 2st | Giedraitis 11pt 2rb

Top-Performer Maccabi: Bryant 19pt 8rb 4as | Reynolds 17pt 7rb 3as | Wilbekin 15pt 5as 2st

Ioannis Sfairopoulos (Cheftrainer Maccabi): “First I want to thank our fans for the great support. They came here from Tel Aviv and all over Europe. We are very proud of the crowd and I am happy we could reward them with a win tonight for their support. It was our third game on the road and after two losses we did a better job tonight. Some of our players are coming back from injuries and are not in the best shape yet. It looked like we controlled the game, but ALBA came back. We knew that could happen, because ALBA is a fighting and fast playing team. That’s why the scored 89 points. But I think we won the game today with our offense. I want to congratulate my players because they fought till the end.”

Aito Garcia Reneses (Cheftrainer ALBA): “Maccabi played very well. Players that usually shoot 20% threes, hit 2/2 today or shot very good percentages – also the centers. Overall they shot 51 percent in threes. Our game was good, with good energy and good support by our fans. If Maccabi plays very well and we play with good intensity, we must accept the loss. We begin to play Tyler Cavanaugh, Johannes Thiemann and Peyton Siva. It was a good step for us.”